Auction: A Unique, One of a Kind Space Age Inter-Galactic Party Cape, handmade for you by Andy at Focallocal (Global)

Capes are Cool!

If you dream of being the coolest at every party, everywhere, this is your opportunity!

Some may pay many thousands for designer label coats, but none of them could ever own this ..making you cooler, its one of a kind exclusive Space Age Cape of Wonders, hand made by me, Andy at Focallocal

Locations: London, or Barcelona (or Global if you're ok to pay postage too)

Starting bids at £10 as it takes me ages to make one of these ..but i do so with love :0)

Its a one of a kind collectors item, you'll need to give me an old shirt which i'll use to make sure the size is perfect, and as a soft lining inside the cape. don't have to party with me in our capes once you have won the auction, but i hope you will!!

(if you live outside London you'll also need to pay for postage)