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All designs are donated by our Community to support the Movement

Action Clothing!

Check this out, we've invented Positive Action Clothing!

Clothing and apparel which actively makes the World around you friendlier just by wearing it, and it also actively makes you happier - this one fills your day with hugs and new friends!!

So our Positive Public Action Activities just happen, all around you, all of the time. Like living in a little pocket of the utopian future we're a part of building!

AND items that look like this are printed all the way around, that 360 degrees of happiness!!!

Who doesn't want to be happier, and life in a more friendly, safer place?? plus you'll look fabulous! :0)

Send us your designs! all profits go towards supporting our Movement for Positive Action.
Canvas : 11″ x 15″, 28cm x 38cm
300 dpi resolution
PNG file format
RGB color mode

Send via to: [email protected]